House Rules

Ok, as you can see, we’re fun, and we have got everything planned to make your stay an enjoyable one. So in order for you to not jinx our plans, please make sure you READ our house rules. It’s not that long, it’ll only take two minutes of your time, so MAKE SURE you read it!

In order to make your stay safe and pleasurable we ask you kindly to stick to the following house rules:

  • Check-out time is at 12pm SHARP, and check-in is from 1pm onwards.
  • If the check-out time of 12pm in the afternoon is exceeded you will automatically be booked for another night. We won’t be surprised if you like our place so much that you automatically want to stay! No for real, our staff really needs this time to clean the place for the next guests.
  • Valid identification is required. We only accept national ID cards or driving license and passport for foreigners.
  • To make the stay pleasurable for everyone please respect each other’s peace, privacy and belongings. Stealing is not cool; karma will knock you right in the head!
  • Only paying guests can stay overnight. We are happy to welcome visitors of our guests in the bar area but they are only allowed to stay till 11 pm.
  • Smoking inside Heritage Sixteen is strictly prohibited. At the outdoor bar area smoking is allowed.
  • Housekeeping work will be carried out from 1200Hrs-1300Hrs. They will notify you by knocking your door with a friendly greeting “Housekeeping”.
  • We are environment friendly, meanwhile all the bed linen will be change every 3 days (Applicable to those who long term guest)
  • We’re not in a hippie commune or a war zone, absolutely no drugs or weapons allowed! We reserve the right to confiscate them and notify the authorities and they don’t joke around.
  • Consumption of alcohol is restricted to the restaurant/cafe. Alcohol abuse must have been fun when you were twenty-one (21 in Malaysia law) but by this age? Please drink responsibly.
  • For health and hygiene reasons we cannot allow pets or animals. There’s a Bird Park, Butterfly Farm, Snake Temple and a Botanical Garden filled with cute little monkeys, we advise you to pay them a visit if you do get lonely.
  • For the same reasons we ask you kindly to keep the public places clean and tidy. We want to be the cleanest hostel you’ve ever stayed in but for that we need your help!
  • We have a close relationship with the Salvation Army and any clothes hanging to dry throughout the public area will be donated to them. As will soap, shower gel and maxipads that you leave laying around.
  • During check-out, all items rented from the hostel must be returned. (otherwise your deposit will be forfeited)
  • Sorry guys but Heritage Sixteen is not liable for any damage or loss of your belongings. Please do take care.
  • Alright, maybe not a rule but a more a wish: we hope you have a wonderful stay!

We trust everyone to respect our house rules. If for some reason rules are not abides, we reserve the right to take your deposit, expel you from the homestay, charge you for any caused damage resulting in loss of income, or call the authorities.