Georgetown's streets

13 Apr

Georgetown’s Streets

Strolling around the streets of Georgetown, day or night, is a simple pleasure that can bring you to some unusual scenes.

Daily life is rich and it starts early on the colorful markets and street stalls, or in small local restaurants where the population is numerous for breakfast.

Do not hesitate to lose yourself in the alleys of the old town in search of new murals, on the waterfront or on the docks in the villages on stilts, while tasting the reputed penangite gastronomy!

Zighunt - Discover Best Places Around You

Zighunt – Discover Best Places Around You

Temples, mosques, clan houses, colonial buildings, local restaurants open on the street, vaulted passageways, doors, signs, antique shops, lively streets … This is a real exploration of the soul of Georgetown that awaits you!

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